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LeLuv Magna Pro Electric Penis Pump

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If you have questions, please contact us or visit our FAQ's and Blog pages.


LeLuv® Customer Reviews:

I've been pumping for years and this is the best product on the market
"I have bought pumps and cylinders from 8 different sellers. I've paid as much as $150 just for a large cylinder. I've used all types of pumps and sized of cylinders. For the money, there is no better product out there. There isn't, because I've used all of them. For about 100 bucks, this was a great purchase. Just a great product with superior customer service. And, the price is amazing. I've spend more for just a large cock and ball cylinder ($150) than I did for both the rugged pump and cylinder here ($100.)"

"Damn, I wish I had found this product earlier. I was skeptical that these pumps would be any good. Was out drinking with a buddy, and we stopped by his place. He shyly made a joke about his electric penis pump that was sitting on the sink counter. We laughed, but started talking and he gave the pump high reviews. So I decided to try it, and this one is great. Ten times better than a well known penis pump brand that costs a lot more. Highly recommend!"


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