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About LeLuv

LeLuv® is a registered trademark owned by Kodi Distributing LLC.

Our LeLuv® brand penis pumps, penis pump parts, accessories and sex toys is a trusted leader in the adult products industry. Our top-rated customer service, 90 day, 100% money back guarantee, fantastic direct low prices and same day, Earth-friendly shipping policies (Free shipping to all USA addresses) revolutionized expectations, and instantly made us a shoppers’ favorite.

How do we do it? It's simple. We source high quality, hypoallergenic adult sex toy products and penis pumps in bulk, without excess and wasteful retail packaging. This lowers fuel and shipping costs from the factory to us, and then lowers those costs again when we ship to our valued customers!

Consequently, LeLuv® customers always get the best available prices for their adult sex products and never have to dispose of unnecessary, expensive packaging! Why would anyone pay more for a box that’s just going to get thrown away?

Your satisfaction is our number one goal! We will always be here should you ever have a question on any of our LeLuv® penis vacuum pumps or sex toys, need help, service or replacement parts. Our work doesn’t stop until you are completely satisfied!