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EYRO Thick Walled Penis Pump Cylinder | No Flange, 9" or 12" Length, 1.3"-3.1" Diameter

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Key Features:

  • Acrylic vacuum cylinder with extra-thick walls and no base flange, exclusively designed for LeLuv EYRO
  • No manufacturing seams are present along the entire untapered insertable length of the cylinder, another EYRO advantage!
  • The 6mm thick, clear acrylic has Imperial and metric measuring marks up the side
  • Inside diameters are available in sizes from 1.3 to 3.1 inches in a 9 inch or 12 inch length. Exclusive cobalt blue top
  • Quick-release female valve holds the vacuum even after the hose is disconnected from the cylinder. (See instructions)


More Sizes! Better Fit! LeLuv® offers a wide variety of penis pumps, From starter kits, to top-of-the-line units for experienced, discerning users. Our highest quality kits - including the TYRO, MAXI, ULTIMA and PRIMO lines - are compatible with these cylinders without needing any further parts. However, with additional fittings (sold separately) these replacement cylinders are compatible with all of LeLuv's offerings! Check our our Size Chart for the proper fit.

Penis pumping 101:

First, the penis should be well lubricated and then inserted into the cylinder. The hand operated pistol grip vacuum pump is attached to the cylinder via the quick release airlock attachment and quick disconnect hose connector.

Upon squeezing the pistol grip, a vacuum is created - penis erection happens as your penis grows inside the cylinder. While overzealous vacuum pumping does carry some risks, when done carefully, it is a safe way to achieve the erection you desire. The most frequent problem is impatience and pumping the penis too hard and fast, stressing the penis. Too much pressure can cause temporary bruising of the penis, water blisters, red pinpricks etc. Therefore, proceed slowly, be patient, and increase the vacuum gradually over an extended period of time.

Safety Feature

When using vacuum pumps, one should never proceed to the point where the suction causes pain nor use for more than 10 to 15 minutes continuously. Stop when the penis is only slightly larger than its normal erect size. One of the key safety features for LeLuv's Pump Kits is the included safety release purge valve that allows for a quick release of the vacuum. Anytime you want to release the vacuum, you can do so with this safety valve (located on the Pump - not included in this listing.)

For added safety, LeLuv® recommends a Pump with a vacuum gauge.

Find Your Diameter

The best way to determine which cylinder size is right for you is to measure the circumference of your erect penis. The circumference is the circular distance around your penis. If you do not have a measuring tape to do this, you can also use a string, shoelace or dental floss and wrap it loosely around the thickest part of your penis while in an erect state. Mark the string where it comes together and place the string out flat next to a ruler and measure the distance between the markings. This length is your penis circumference. Once you know your circumference, simply use this chart below to figure out which diameter we would recommend.

Your (Erect) Penis Circumference Recommended Cylinder Diameter
4.00 inch (10 cm) 1.50 inch (3.8 cm)
4.70 inch (12 cm) 1.75 inch (4.5 cm)
5.50 inch (14 cm) 2.00 inch (5.1 cm)
6.25 inch (16 cm) 2.25 inch (5.7 cm)
7.00 inch (18 cm) 2.50 inch (6.4 cm)
7.85 inch (20 cm) 2.75 inch (7.0 cm)
8.65 inch (22 cm) 3.00 inch (7.6 cm)
9.42 inch (24 cm) 3.25 inch (8.3 cm)
10.20 inch (26 cm) 3.50 inch (8.9 cm)


Every item is 100% brand new, in original manufacturer-sealed packaging.


Free Shipping to All USA Addresses with Discreet Shipping.


90-Day Warranty against loss of function due to manufacturer defect or shipping damage

Brand LeLuv®
Item Number / MPN 200119-000
Country of Origin CN
Assembled in USA
Features Hypoallergenic
Material Acrylic
Powered by Unpowered
Travel friendly Yes
Type Penis Vacuum Cylinder
Waterproof Yes
Weight (net)
Wireless Yes

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