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Reusable Warming Pouch HOT POD Pocket Heat

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Heat it up! If you've ever wished that your masturbator had more life-like warmth, here is your answer! The Hot Pod uses a saline solution which becomes smoking hot within seconds after activation. To activate, simply snap the metallic disc and let the liquid crystallize. Insert the Hot Pod into the masturbator and leave for 5-10 minutes to allow the surrounding material to heat. Then simply remove the Hot Pod and get down to business! The pods are endlessly reusable, so use them as often as you like!

Our customers use the Hot Pod for:
Keeping Warm: watching outdoor sports, cold morning commutes, winter activities, etc.
Pain Relief: muscle pain, lower back pain relief, Pain in the shoulder and neck, Sore foot, leg pain, aches, sore knees, and any other body pains or aches.
Heat Therapy: Treatment for arthritis, headache, migraine, sore joints, sports injuries, etc.
Children: Injury relief, baby bottle warmer, hand warmers, etc.
No batteries or microwave needed, use it anywhere, anytime.

How does it work?
Each pad contains a solution and a stainless steel disc in the sealed plastic pouch. Flexing the metal disc in the bag causes a single molecule of the solution to crystallize, which in turn causes the entire solution to solidify. This chemical reaction produces heat - up to 130 degrees F / 54 C. The Hot Pod will stay warm for up to 2 hours then gradually cool down.

How do I reuse the Hot Pod?
The Hot Pod can be used over an over again by boiling it in hot water over the stove to re-liquefy the solution.

(DO NOT MICROWAVE - contains steel.)

Eyro Hot Pod Multipack Listing Key Features:

  • Hot Pod pouches use chemical reaction to create heat
  • Adds warming pleasure to male masturbation toys
  • Long-lasting, heats up in seconds!
  • Reusable, just boil the Hot Pod in water over the stove (Do NOT microwave) to re-liquefy the solution!
  • Heat can last about 2 hours (NOT to be used as hand warmers)


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Brand LeLuv®
Item Number / MPN
Country of Origin CN
Assembled in USA
Features Hypoallergenic
Length 4.7 in.
Material Saline
Powered by Unpowered
Travel friendly Yes
Type Male Masturbator
Waterproof Yes
Weight (net) 1.2 oz
Width 1.5in.
Wireless Yes

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