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LeLuv® 5mm Round Gauge Glans/Penis Rings, Stainless Steel, 22mm-64mm Inner Diameter - Red

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LeLuv Round Gauge Penis & Glans Rings are designed with "More Sizes! Better Fit!" in mind from the start. The right fit is important... Even 1 or 2mm can matter.

Get back to basics with our Classic Stainless Steel Round Gauge Penis Rings. Cylindrical in shape, they definitely strike a high note, with a gleaming, smooth seamless finish all the way around. We knew you were going to love this indispensable classic, so we had it made in two thicknesses and up to 14 inside diameters!

Options available:
  • Wire thickness (a.k.a. "Gauge") of 5mm, 6mm.
  • I.D. (inside diameter) ranges from 22mm to 64mm
  • Sampler Sets provide a range of three consecutive ring sizes!
  • Choose from five vibrant colors - Polished, Black, Blue, Red and Purple

Round Gauge rings are ideal for both solitary use and for stacking. They function as Penis, glans, shaft or scrotal rings. The versatility makes them convenient to use and perfect for experimental and everyday use. Because of their cylindrical shape and minimal skin contact, it's often possible to wear a somewhat smaller size than with other ring styles. The shape also helps ensure comfort, even when wearing on a semi-permanent basis.

Crafted from 100% precisely machined 304 Stainless Steel and available polished or in durable powder coating. 304 Stainless Steel is extremely safe, won't rust, and is easy to clean. Rings from 22 mm (0.87") to 34 mm (1.34") can be used as a glans ring around the head of the Penis. Properly sized rings can help increase sensation, prolong your erection, and add some personal flair at the same time!


Worn as a Penis ring, they are intended to rest behind the male genitalia, flat against the body. To wear the ring in this manner, feed each testicle through the ring first, followed by the flaccid shaft.

How to get the right size:

To find the correct Penis ring size, use a piece of string and loop it behind your testicles and bring both ends of the string to the front of where your Penis meets your abdomen. Find a comfortable amount of snugness and mark the area where the two sides of string meet. Lay the string out flat and measure it's length, this will be your circumference. Divide it by 3.14 and the result is your diameter.

It is important to keep in mind that the I.D. (inside diameter) of a glans- or shaft-worn ring should NOT be the same as the diameter of your Penis, or the ring will be too loose to function as intended. A good fitting ring typically has an I.D. that is about 5 to 6 mm smaller than the diameter of the area you intend to wear it.

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