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Labia Pump MAXI with Premium Slippery Silicone Hose

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The LeLuv® MAXI Pump is the perfect blend of craftsmanship and affordability, making it a must-have pump for women who love increasing their sensitivity and increasing bloodflow to the labia. This pump is compatible with all LeLuv® and Eyro® hoses, cylinders, parts and pump accessories.

Instruction for use

  1. Lubricate the cup. Apply lubricant to your labia as well.
  2. Place the cup firmly pressed against the base of your pubic area to keep air from escaping.
  3. Slowly begin to work the pump. There will be a slight pressure on your pubic area as air is drawn from the tube. For beginners, it is important to start this process slowly to avoid discomfort. Remember to press the safety release valve if any pain is experienced.
  4. Continue pumping/releasing air until you've found a level of pressure suitable for you. You should look enlarged but should not feel pain.
  5. Now make sure no air escapes (unless needed) and wait 20 minutes. You may need to pump further during this time to keep an appropriate amount of pressure.
  6. Once the session is complete you should appear fuller and have heightened sensitivity. These results are effective for up to 24 hours, but you may experience permanent enlargement through long-term use. We recommend 3-4 sessions per week.

LeLuv Vagina Labia Vacuum Pump MAXI Handle with Premium Slippery Hose [Parent SKU] Key Features:

  • MAXI Blue or Red Vagina Pump
  • Nylon and brass pump is easy to use for smaller hands and extremely durable
  • Useful for enlarging the labia and clitoris, by increasing blood flow to the region
  • Labia enlargement pumps use vacuum to increase blood flow
  • Vacuum range: 0 – 30 Hg, 0-760 mmHg


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Brand LeLuv®
Item Number / MPN 250046-200
Country of Origin CH
Assembled in USA
Features Heavy-Duty
Diameter 3 in.
Length 3.5 in.
Material Acrylic
Powered by Hand Pump
Size 2.5" X 3.5" X 2"
Travel friendly Yes
Type Vagina Pump
Waterproof No
Weight (net) 2 lbs.
Width 2.5 in.
Wireless Yes

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