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Rabbit Vibrators

Our LeLuv® brand Rabbit Vibrators use high quality materials and are Hypoallergenic, phthalate free, non-latex and 100% safe. We carry many styles, colors, sizes, USB rechargeable and battery powered rabbit vibrators.

We offer a 90 Day, 100% Guarantee, Fast and Free Shipping to all USA addresses on our rabbit vibrators.

Vibrators can be an excellent addition to your sexual routine, as they offer a range of sensations and can help enhance the overall pleasure. Here are several ways to incorporate a vibrator during sex:

1. Foreplay Stimulation: Use the vibrator to arouse your partner during foreplay. You can tease sensitive areas such as the neck, nipples, inner thighs, clitoris or testicles.

2. Clitoral Stimulation during Penetration: While having sex, the vibrator can be used on the woman's clitoris for additional stimulation. This can be particularly helpful during positions where clitoral stimulation may be lacking.

3. Use during Oral Sex: A small vibrator can be held in your hand while performing oral sex. This could provide additional external stimulation.

4. Vary the Settings: Varying the vibrations during sex can make it more stimulating. You could increase the intensity as your partner nears climax to ramp up the pleasure.

5. Prostate Stimulation: For men, a vibrator can be used to give pleasure through prostate stimulation. Make sure to use a vibrator designed for anal use and always clean it thoroughly after each use.

6. Dual Stimulation: Some vibrators are designed for dual stimulation, targeting both the clitoris and G-spot.

7. Simultaneous Pleasure: Use a vibrator that's wearable or hands-free. These allow the couples to enjoy penetrative sex while also experiencing the added benefits of vibration.

8. Tease and Delay: Use a vibrator to tease your partner and practice edging - bringing them to the edge of orgasm, then slowing down or stopping stimulation altogether. This can build up a more intense climax.

Remember, communication is key when introducing new elements into your sex life. Always ensure your partner feels comfortable and enjoys the experience.