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All Penis Pumps

Our penis pumps have a powerful vacuum, are effective, safe, durable and are amongst the best penis pumps available.

We carry the largest selection of penis pumps, with over 25 sizes (for a better fit), 4+ colors, 20+ styles of manual or electric penis pumps and more bundled options than any other brand of penis vacuum pumps out there. [Sizes, colors and options varies on the pump style]

We offer low prices, 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee, Fast and Free shipping to all USA addresses on all of our LeLuv® penis pump devices.

Don't know what size penis pump you need? Use our Penis Pump Size Chart for a better fit (converts your penis circumference size to the cylinder size needed).

For example, if your erect penis circumference is around 4.70", then select our 1.75" cylinder. If it's around 5.50" circumference, then select our 2" cylinder.

We carry penis pump sizes from 1.35" to 3.70" diameter and in 8", 9", 12" lengths and more.

Instructions on how to safely use a penis pump